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Basic info on how I will run my sessions on Fantasy Grounds II

  • Character build- For stat builds, standard roll 4d6, adding top three die. Do this 7 times and disregard lowest stat.
  • Class- Any core class
  • Starting money- Whatever the base starting money is for your class from standard rules.
  • Deities- Just using the base deities from the Players Handbook for Faerun and the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide
  • Roleplay- I really enjoy good, heavy roleplay. Please understand your character (wants, desires, needs, etc.)
  • PLEASE NO METAGAMING!!!- This is something that I cannot stand. This is a game to play the role of another character. It really doesn’t matter how much you, as the player knows, it’s all about your character.
  • DM’s role- The way I DM to help make the experience more believable is there are certain skills of yours that I will roll. It makes it better IMO when I do things this way. Example- I have a planned encounter and if I ask you to roll a listen check, well you would then, as a player, figure that something is going to happen. It makes it much better that if your character doesn’t hear anything to have it become a surprise for you and your character.
  • DM style- First and foremost, I am not a rules hound. I do follow the rules as much as I can, but logic will always override rules. It makes the game much more fun and exciting.

Calendar for Faerun

  1. Hammer- Midwinter Festival
  2. Alturiak
  3. Ches
  4. Tarsakh- Greengrass Festival
  5. Mirtul
  6. Kythorn
  7. Flamerule- Midsummer Festival (Shieldmeet day after, every four years)
  8. Eleasis
  9. Eleint
  10. Marpenoth
  11. Uktar- The Feast of the Moon Festival
  12. Nightal

There are 30 days to a month with three weeks each. One week consists of 10 days, known as a "ten-day". There are four holidays, or "festivals" each year with that festival listed after each month. The festival happens at the end of each listed month. Once every four years, "Shieldmeet" takes place the day after Midsummer.


We are starting in the year of 1491 DR, the month of Mirtul

Main Page

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